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Because I am truly blessed to maintain a large inventory of collectible pipe tobacco to sell, I email the consignors when I am ready to receive their pre-approved product. That way, consignors will know that once they ship, I will begin selling their inventory within just a couple of weeks after receiving their packages. This process also helps  in managing my inventory as I must pay a Texas Excise Tax on every two ounces of tobacco received every month.

If this process will work for you, all you need to do is send me your list of the tobacco (with the age or approximate age) of what you would like for me to sell on your behalf, and once we agree on what will be sent, I will then email you when I am ready to start selling your tobacco. Please read the following information to help you determine what you would like for me to sell on your behalf.

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Terms of Consignment

  • While I appreciate input from the owners, I use my own website as a point of reference to set prices of all tobacco for potential sale. I always try to establish price points that I think will be fair to my consignors, my buyers and me. A trifecta that I aspire to but admittedly I don’t always hit the mark.
  • For each item sold, the consignor receives 65% of the sale and I accept a 35% commission for each sale. I send out checks with accompanying sales statements that detail each item sold by the first of every week for the previous week’s sales until the consignor’s dispersal is complete.

Accepted types of pipe tobacco tins, pouches or bags

  • Out of Production pipe tobacco blends that are considered desirable.
  • In-Production tobacco blends that are well-known and hard to find (e.g. Esoterica)
  • In-Production pipe tobacco that is desirable, at least 10-years of age and preferably older & will bring at least a $40 minimum price. Often, I am overloaded with a particular type of tobacco that you may have and please don’t be offended if I don’t want to accept those due to excessive inventory.
  • My individual pricing is proprietary but if you want a general price estimate of your entire inventory to help you determine whether you want to move forward with the consignment process I will be happy to offer you my opinion as to the ‘general’ value of your collection if you send me a detailed list of the names and ages of the blends and photos that you may want to share with me to look at.
  • Because I sell and ship so much tobacco for so many customers each week, I prefer not having to return tobacco that is sent to me that was not pre-approved or does not meet the condition criteria.  So, please make sure that you only include pre-approved in sellable condition tobacco and I will let the consignors know if any tins arrived in unsellable condition.

Condition requirements of the pipe tobacco tins, pouches or bags

  • Only full and factory sealed tins, pouches or bags. 
  • No after-market packaging including glass jars or bags.
  • No rust, no holes, no torn labels
  • Approximate age of the product must be known, unless it is out of production or rare, in-production blends.

How to get the consignment process started 

  • E-mail me at with a list of the names and approximate ages of the tobacco tins, pouches or bags you want me to sell on your behalf. I can sell only on approval and after looking over your list I will get back to you quickly with my thoughts. Once we establish what will be sent, If there are any changes made when shipping please be sure to let me know so that I will have an accurate list of your inventory to compare with what was sent. An inventory list must be included in each box that is sent to me.
  • It is understood that consignors may use any shipping method that they prefer and are responsible for all shipping costs to transport their inventory. Please be advised that while there are no restrictions to ship collectible pipe tobacco tins with USPS, other shipping authorities do have restrictions. As an example; UPS and FedEx have rules that prohibit the shipping of tobacco products by individuals without tobacco permits. Links are provided below to their tobacco shipping policies:


What Others Say About Pipestud’s eBay & Website Pipes & Tobaccos Consignment Sales –

“Steve Fallon (aka Pipestud) is a real professional. Very knowledgeable about pipes and tobacco- and very service oriented. Buy from him and he will get it to you pronto. Sell through him and and your check will arrive in a day or two. So don’t hesitate to saddle up with this cowboy. ” – Vernon Vig, former President of the United Pipe Collectors Club of America and year 2017 Chicago Show Dr. of Pipes Award Winner

“I’ve found Steve Fallon to be sincere & trustworthy, a man of integrity who is able to present pipes and vintage tobaccos on my behalf that garner good prices.” – Regis McCafferty, Co-Founder, North American Society of Pipe Collectors

 “Pipestud is one of the most knowledgeable pipe sellers in the world. I have used Steve Fallon as a source of reference for years, including in my book, ‘In Search of Pipe Dreams.” – Rick Newcombe, noted pipe book author

“I have consigned with Pipestud many times with superior results. He gets my highest recommendations!” – The late Bill Unger, former Editor of The NASPC Pipe Collector Magazine and Pipe Book Author

“Over the years, I have purchased pipes from Pipestud and always placed my bids or made my orders with the highest level of confidence.” – Rich Esserman, noted pipe collector

“I inherited an extensive collection of pipes but knew nothing about them.  I came across The Pipestud’s site while trying to research the value of the collection and knew he was the answer to a prayer!  Steve is extremely knowledgeable about pipes and helped me get top dollar.  He patiently answered my many questions and has always paid promptly.  It is an absolute pleasure to do business with The Pipestud!”  A Satisfied Consignor.

Any questions at all, please feel free to contact me via one of the methods below and thank you for your consignment consideration!


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