Consign your Pipe Tobacco

Terms of Consignment

  • While I appreciate input from the owners, I use my own professional experience to set prices of all tobacco sold on my website. I always try to establish price points that I think will be fair to my consignors, my buyers and me. 
  • For each item sold, the consignor receives 70% of the sale and I accept a non-negotiable 30% commission for each sale. I send out checks with accompanying sales statements that detail each sale at the first of every week for the previous week’s sales until the consignor’s dispersal is complete. I will pay the consignor through a PayPal funds transfer if that is the preferred method of payment.

Accepted types of pipe tobacco tins, pouches or bags

  • Out of Production famous pipe tobacco blends
  • In-Production tobacco blends that are well-known and hard to find (e.g. Esoterica)
  • In-Production pipe tobacco that is well known and at least 5 years old
  • Because I sell so much tobacco from so many customers, I do not have the time to return tobacco that is sent to me and does not meet the criteria.  If you send me tobacco tins, pouches, or bags that are unsalable, they will be disposed of.  In the event this happens, I will contact the consignor and inform them about what I received that could not be listed for sale and why

Condition requirements of the pipe tobacco tins, pouches or bags

  • Only full and factory sealed tins, pouches or bags
  • No rust, no holes, no torn labels
  • Approximate age of the product must be known, unless it is out of production or a rare, in-production blend 

How to consign your pipe tobacco

Step 1:  E-mail me at with a list of the names and approximate ages of the tobacco tins, pouches or bags you want me to sell on your behalf.

  • I only sell pre-approved items, so please do not send me anything that has not been approved.

Step 2:  Once I review the list, I will get back to you quickly  with my thoughts and we can then work together to establish what will be sent for consignment.

  • Once we establish what will be sent;  if there are any changes made when shipping please be sure to let me know so that I will have an accurate list of your inventory to compare with what was sent.

Step 3: Ship the items to the address below and I’ll get to work on making you some money!

Due to the high volume of consignment tobacco that I have in stock at any given time, it may be several weeks before I begin selling your tobacco, particularly the lower end tobacco that will not command high sale prices. Your patience is appreciated.

Contact Info


Phone: (254) 744-9158

Shipping Address

Steve Fallon

2144 Greig Drive

Robinson, TX 76706