Pipestud 2.0 is a success thanks to you!

Howdy Gang!

There is nothing more gratifying than getting to work in the mornings and finding multiple emails in my inbox that are complimentary of the new and improved pipestud.com – even when mentioning things that they think would be website improvements. So, I first want to thank all of my loyal customers (many of whom have been with me since the launching of Pipestud’s Consignment Shop back in late 2006), and also to thank you for some really terrific suggestions over the past couple of weeks that have helped improve the site layout and functionality.

An example of improvements made due to input by some of you included better navigation, increasing the number of products on each page and what I discovered to be very important to a lot of you; having a “Sold Out” sign on the photo page prior to click through of any tobacco tins that were no longer available. I hate to admit it, but I didn’t think that was going to be an issue when Tech Support asked if I wanted it… and I turned down the offer – GULP!

You are my loyal customers and I can’t say strongly enough that your concerns are my concerns. If anyone ever has an issue with the site please feel free to email me at steve@pipestud.com. And if it is a complicated technical question, I am not the person you want to email as just figuring out how to turn on a computer or mobile device can be a challenge for me. So, those kinds of emails need to be sent directly to my awesome Tech Support team leader, a gentleman named Andrew who not only is a tech-wizard, but wants to be of service and I am sure will be able to address your issues quickly. He can be reached at admin@pipestud.com.