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Pipestud’s Consignment Shop Has Gone Viral Thanks to You!

I really don’t know what “Gone Viral” means in the Internet world. All I know is that when my keeper of the statistics, webmaster Andrew Wohlmuth, informed me that for the year 2019, Pipestud’s Consignment Shop had received over one million views, I got pretty darned excited! If I had a penny for every “view” this past year, I’d have 100,000,000 pennies. That’s $10,000 dollars! Think of all the wonderful pipes and well aged tobaccos I could purchase with an extra $10,000 in my pocket. Heck, I’m lucky when I reach into my pocket and find an extra $10 bill that was stuck down in there.

First, a HUGE THANK YOU! This website first blasted off into cyber space in 2006 with only a limited vision of what the future of the site could be like. And since I am the guy with the limited vision, I had no idea that I might possibly have a year in which the website received over one million worldwide views. You fine folks are the ones who made it happen. Thank you again!

As of the day of posting this blog (Saturday, February 8th), I listed a total of 25 New in the Box Old Stock Pipes that hail from the 1970’s, 1980’s and 1990’s. All are known brand names from well respected and long-time pipe making factories like the old Stanwell factory in Denmark, the Savinelli factory in Italy, and the Chacom factory in France. The wood used back in those days, particularly the 1970’s when there was an abundance of 100 and 50 year old Briar stock, made these pipes just naturally great smokers. And with the care taken to ensure perfect drilling and old world workmanship, I think you will find these old classics to be super bargains, especially for the price!

Finally, I do know, and greatly appreciate, the fact that Pipestud’s Consignment Shop weekly Saturday morning updates have become a ritual for literally hundreds of pipe smokers around the world. I promise to continue to offer you the best pipes and aged, rare, hard to get or out of production pipe tobaccos for the absolute best prices that I can fairly offer. You fine folks rock and deserve nothing less.

Happy puffing,