Jon Vesterholm Unsmoked Standing Freehand Style Pipe W/ Superior Grain Pattern

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ITEM DESCRIPTIONUNSMOKED!  Danish pipe maker Jon Vesterholm was a full time carpentry teacher who loved pipes. Then one day he personally met with Danish legends Jess Chonowitsch and Hans “Former” Nielsen who recognized his talents and told him to try his hand at making pipes. The rest, as they say, is history. Vesterholm’s creations are usually much different that anything you would normally see from Chonowitsch and Nielsen, but his ability to draw out the grain in a piece of briar, and create a unique piece, has certainly caused a stir. So much so that he quit his carpentry teaching job several years ago and has since been a full time pipe maker. This piece reminds me of both a tree base and the Balerina shape that Bo Nordh made famous as it stands beautifully. And note the wafer thin, yet sturdy stem for comfort. And upon the advice of his mentors, Vesterholm only accepts the finest well cured briar available to make his pipes. That, coupled with his great abilities at drilling and shaping, has made him a rising star, for sure! This remarkable piece comes with Vesterholm leather presentation sleeve.

Stamped: As shown in the photos.

  • Length: 5-3/4 inches
  • Bowl Height: 2-1/2 inches
  • Rim Width: 2-inches
  • Chamber width: .68 inches
  • Weight: 66.4 grams
  • Stem Material: Ebonite

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