Kriswill of Denmark Unsmoked 4-Day Set of Pipes W/ Satin Lined Presentation Case

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ITEM DESCRIPTION – Unsmoked! This is a very nice boxed 4-Day set of smoking pipes from the now out of business Kriswill factory in Denmark. You still see Kriswill pipes regularly on eBay, and since the Kriswill operation ceased in the 1980’s, you can still find some in unsmoked condition as are the pipes in this set. They are not noted as “high end” pipes but perform well and were always of good quality as are these pipes.

STAMPED & Size: All pipes are stamped with “Kriswill, Denmark,” and their shape numbers. They very in size from 6-1/4 to 5-3/4 inches in length. The bowl heights are from 2- inches to 1-3/4 inches, so these are good sized pipes that would be Dunhill group 5’s in size.


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