Scott Klein Sandblast Thick Ball


ITEM DESCRIPTION – Unsmoked! From the well known and highly respected pipe maker, Scott Klein, comes this handsome sandblast in a thick, Danish style Ball shape. With one of “Scott’s pipes,” you can be assured that the wood is well cured, the engineering is spot on, and the smoking experience will be delightful! More information about pipe maker Scott Klein follows this pipe’s size/weigh info below:

  • Length: 5- inches
  • Bowl Height: 1-3/4 inches
  • Rim Width: .92 inches
  • Chamber width: .70 inches
  • Weight: 49.0 grams
  • Stem Material: Acrylic.
About Scott Klein From His Website: I was born and raised in the suburbs of Chicago IL. As a young man and high school student, I studied all aspects of the various trades, which consisted of: building construction, wood shop, automotive technology, small scale 3D design, electrical, and plumbing.  Needless to say I am always looking for ways to sharpen and perfect my talents.  After high school, I worked for 6 years in various trades including but not limited to: construction, custom woodwork, painting, and remodeling. One night, by chance, my ex-girlfriend and I were visiting her father, who was a good friend of Alex Florov.  He was the first to introduce me to Alex’s website, and through the night (and following weeks) I studied his work and determined I had a deep interest in attempting this great feat.  Shortly after my initial mind blowing introduction to pipes I got in contact with Alex, and being a very generous and inspiring man he agreed to teach me to make pipes from the beginning to end of the process.

As I got to skip the initial trial of pre-bored/assembled pipe kits, I have been lucky to jump right in to hand: turned, milled, and assembled pipes.  This has given me a lot of free play to work and develop my artistic ability.  All of my pipes are made from The finest materials from all over the world, and are completely handmade/assembled in the USA.

For more regarding Scott Klein and his pipes, visit his website at

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