A&C Petersen era Escudo Navy De Luxe 50g tins – Years 2007 & 2008


One of the all-time great pipe tobaccos, this is the heralded old A&C Petersen version of Escudo Navy De Luxe that are steeped in flavor and steeped in age! Per www.tobaccoreviews.com – “A combination of full bodied Virginia from North Carolina and Virginia blended with Perique from Louisiana are the cornerstones in Escudo. The blend is pressed and matured before it is spun and cut into coins. This process ensures the unique character of Escudo.

Notes: Produced by the Cope brothers from 1912 to 1952, at which point they were bought by Gallaher, which produced Escudo until discontinuing it in 1994. A&C Petersen began production in 1997, with the original recipe and presses, and those are the ones that are the subject of this listing.

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