Middleton’s 1970’s Sugar Barrel 7 oz Lever Top tin


ME – I’ve sold a lot of these Sugar Barrel 7 oz tins over the last few years and I’m always impressed by the feedback I receive from the buyers who really like this old classic. This tin is in great shape but has a small dent with a little of the paint missing near the bottom left as seen in the photo. Per my take on this blend from www.tobaccoreviews.com back in the year 2004 – “Sugar Barrel has an oh so sweet enhancement that reminded me of Brown Sugar and Maple Syrup, yet, I still tasted the Burley and Virginia leaf with no problem. A very mild presentation as far as tobacco goes, but there was a lot of flavor in the mildness. I had an old 12 ounce tin from the 1980’s that I had gotten off of eBay, and every night until it was gone, I enjoyed a bowl after dinner. It was about the best dessert one could hope for. Lots of satisfying sweetness, a nice smoking experience and best of all, no calories!”

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