Mc Baren’s Last Year 2017 Production HH Vintage Syrian 3-1/2 oz tins


DM – These are from the very last batch of HH Vintage Syrian Latakia that Mac Baren’s had in stock. There will not, unfortunately, every be more and this classic’s contents even had nearly half of its volume made up of that wonderful smokey old leaf. Per – ”

The base of the blend, a little under half of the volume, is a smooth and yet powerful latakia from Syria. This tobacco gives the blend the overall smoky taste, a powerful taste and yet without any tongue bite. To add a spicy note to the blend, Turkish Oriental has been added. A mix of different Virginia tobaccos from 3 continents adds a sweet natural taste. To complete the taste with depth and body, we added a little dark fired Kentucky from the US.The HH Vintage Syrian is a loose cut tobacco, which guarantees a smooth and steady burn. It does not get hot which means you will find extremely little bite on your tongue. When you empty your pipe after smoking, you will find only fine grey ashes, the sign of a slow and dry smoke.

Notes: Introduced in 2006 as HH Vintage Syrian Latakia. Discontinued in 2017 when the stock of Syrian latakia ran out.

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