Benson & Hedges 1980’s Original Virginia Flake 50g tins


I’m sure that many of you old timers like me remember the wonderfully sweet and mellow aged Virginia that Benson & Hedges made for pipe smoking back in the 1960’s through most of the 1980’s. When I got these tins in, they came in factory sealed 5-packs of 50g tins. But unfortunately, every one of them was dry and the tops came right off showing rust around the inner seals – no doubt why they lost their vacuum seals. In any event, I couldn’t wait to try some, so I did my overnight rehydrating trick with the hardened flakes from one of the tins, and have been enjoying a truly heavenly smoke! Not as strong as I remember, but certainly mellow and still very sweet. l I do get asked a lot about the best ways to rehydrate tobacco, and always will be glad to share how I do it. It is fun to bring old blends back to life and enjoy. Just email me directly at and I’ll be happy to send you the rehydration info. In the meantime, Benson & Hedges O.V.F. was a dandy; crimp cut and super easy to pack.

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