Borkum Riff Year 2013 & 2014 Limited Edition California Wine & Trinidad Rum 100g tins


Borkum Riff produced several Limited Edition blends and may still be doing so. I just don’t know. They are geared toward the Aromatic blends lovers.

  • Year 2013 Trinidad Rum per – “Ruby red and mahogany Virginas, rich black cavendish, and a bit of burley and fire cured leaf are combined to form the base of this Borkum Riff’s 2013 limited edition blend, finished off with a topping of Trinidad rum and fruit flavors.”
  • Year 2014 California Wine per – “Consists of 65% double fermented black cavendish from East Africa, Italy, India, and Brazil. 25% of the mixture is golden Virginia and the last 10% is nutty burley. Real dry California chardonnay have been added together with flavors caramel, vanilla, citrus, and curacao.

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