Gawith & Hoggarth Year 2004 Ennerdale Flake 500g boxes


PC – G&H prized 500g factory sealed commercial grade bags within the boxes of Ennerdale Flake that are dated all the way back to 2004, so, nice and smooth and ready to please flake cut contents are resting within. Per – “G&H’s best selling flake by a wide margin. Predominately Virginia leaf from Brazil, Zimbabwe and Malawi (86%) but with the addition of sun cured Malawi (10%) to add sweetness, strength and to cool the smoke and Malawi burley (4%) to “carry the flavor” in addition to its cooling and strength qualities. (burley is very good at absorbing casings and flavors) A background flavor of almond is enhanced with the addition of fruit flavors, vanilla, and the special ‘English type’ flavors which give this tobacco its distinctive, yet typical ‘English’ Aroma associated with the UK best selling brands such as Condor, St Bruno and Mellow Virginia.”

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