Brebbia Year 2004 Syr. Latakia Flake No. 9 in Small Round 50g tins


Planta’s original Made for Brebbia Latakia Flake No. 9, and as old timers know, the old Syrian Latakia employed – as noted on the tin label, was sublime! These tins have the old “Manufactured in the E.C. moniker and are date stamped to 2004, meaning the contents have been ripening further for the last 14-years. This original was a very thick cut flake and it took FOREVER to finish a bowl due to the slow burn. If puffed to fast, it would set off fire alarms due to the rich, dark blue smoke. The Virginia flavor is also there, but the slow sipping I tried with this one really caused the Syrian leaf to come to the forefront. I think this is a “Sleeper” blend as it was as fine as any Syrian loaded blend that I have ever smoked. Still in production but now using Cyprian Latakia.

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