Dunhill Year 2005 Murray’s era Three Year Matured 50g tins


Murray’s era and hand dated to 2005, so plenty of age on these Dunhill all-time great tins of Three Year Matured. Per my review back in 2002 on www.tobaccoreviews.com – “Now here is a unique blend. It is flavored in the English manner (unobtrusive), and somehow remains cool. The Virginia base screams quality, and it is a smooth smoke. It is also very much an aromatic and that is why I think it can help us. You see, there are many aromatic smokers who do not know any better than to puff away on Borkum and the Captain. Give them a tin of this stuff and they will be confirmed members of the brotherhood. 3 Year Matured is a fun change of pace for me. When I opened the tin, I didn’t know whether to reach for a spoon or pipe, but am glad I chose a pipe to load it in. Yummy!

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