Mac Baren’s Year 2013 HH Mature Virginia 3-1/2 oz tin


ER – Unfortunately, this one is long gone as Mac Baren just could not continue to locate the special grades of Virginia leaf required. Per – “22 different tobaccos are included in this blend and of these 15 are Virginia tobaccos. Before blending the tobacco the Virginias has been stored for years to mature and develop the final aromas, just like when good wine is put aside for aging. Virginia types like bright yellow/golden leaf, mature red/mahogany leaf, dark Virginia and a black Virginia cavendish are blended and left to store so that each tobacco taste marry into a taste unity. To enhance and support the Virginias a touch of Oriental is added and finally the taste is rounded with just an easy hand of pressed burley.

Notes: Discontinued in 2014.

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