McClelland’s Blakeney’s Best First Year 2005 Production Tawny Flake 50g tin


DM – From McClelland’s outstanding special processed Blakeney’s Best Series comes this 50g tin of Tawny Flake that is first year 2005 production. So, a smoothing 14-years of age on the contents within described by – “Little, elegant flue-cured Virginia flakes, redolent with sun-dappled sweetness, and pleasantly tangy. This skillfully blended tobacco, mellowed with Blakeney’s exclusive toasting process, fills the pipe with pleasure.

Notes: McClelland introduced their Blakeney’s Best line at the 21st CORPS (Conclave of Richmond Pipe Smokers) Pipe Show in Richmond, Virginia. The 50g tin was released to the public in late 2005.

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