Pease Year 2005 Barbary Coast 2 oz tins


BC – One of the Pease originals and still going strong. These are year 2005 Barbary Coast tins that now boast 13-year old contents. Per – “The finest cube-cut burley, chosen for its deep, nutty flavors, forms a robust foundation for this sophisticated blend. Rich, red Virginia tobaccos are added for their subtle sweetness and complexity, while the unique spice of perique provides added dimension. A delicate kiss of Brandy polishes the blend to a perfect finish. Barbary Coast is delightfully satisfying, with hints of black walnut, dark chocolate, and dried fruits. The perfect “all-day” smoke!

Notes: From GL Pease: The name, Barbary Coast, came from my good friend Toren Smith, in one of the most mind-stunning stream of consciousness, free association, brain dump emails I’ve ever received. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was the perfect name. Thanks, Toren, and everyone else who sent great suggestions! The prize? You’re lookin’ at it, buddy! Fame, but no fortune.

Barbary Coast was introduced in March, 2001

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