Stokkebye era Year 2009 Pelican 50g tin


BH – Year 2009 Pelican made by Stokkebye in Denmark. A bugger to find, of course, especially with a nice 9-years of age. Per – “The second, after Kingfisher, in this special series of pipe tobaccos especially formulated to the specific priorities of Michael A. Butera. Simply, Pelican is the perfect Mixture, combining exact portions of the finest, most rare Cyprian Latakia, the spiciest, most zesty Turkish and Orientals, and the richest, most sweet sun grown Virginia whole leaf available today. Aged in cakes then fine cut to ribbon form. Pelican delivers multiple dimensions of sweet, mellow tastes, with a variety of contradicting rich and spicy room aromas. Return in time to those days and nights long since forgotten, when only the finest English Oriental style Mixtures would satisfy you.”

Notes: Originally blended by J.F. Germain in the UK, then by McClelland in the USA, then by Peter Stokkebye in Denmark. J.F. Germain resumed production of this blend in 2016 and that is the era in which this tin was produced.

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