Rocking & Rolling Again Feels So Good!

Although I darned near killed myself with all the packing and shipping, my recent grand reopening was probably as exciting as winning a quarter horse race when I rode my mare to victory against a track outrider’s gelding some 35-years ago at Manor Down’s race track near Austin, Texas. He bragged that his horse could beat mine over the quarter-mile track and pulled out a $100 bill and said it was mine if my horse could beat his. My mare, a granddaughter of the great racing quarter horse Go Man Go, smoked that gelding by more than a length, which is substantial in quarter horse racing.

So, after two long months of moving and preparation to launch from a new location, a new chapter in the life of is underway and I remain excited. During the downtime and all the moving of equipment and product a couple of amazing and wonderful things kept occurring. I kept getting new consignments of terrific tobaccos as well as an explosion of new First Responders members who joined because they wanted to be notified when the reopening would take place. Admittedly, all of that confidence and interest did add to the pressure but once the starting gate opened and the website lit up with a record number (by far) of purchases, I felt like I was the most blessed man on planet earth, so a monstrous “THANKS” to all of you!

Finally, I would like all of you to join me in saying so long to my famous shop dog, Daisy. She guarded the old Pipestud Consignment Shop behind my house faithfully for 11-years and was my constant companion as I listed, sold, packed and shipped countless thousands of pipes and tobaccos over the years. Daisy died peacefully in her sleep just a few nights ago. Although she never got to see the new shop, I am sure that she will  guard it faithfully from her new home in dog heaven.


And thanks again to all of you for your own faithfulness!