Shipping Delays Around The World





As usual, my webmaster has proven to be smarter than I am. Andrew should not gloat however, because that’s not a great accomplishment. On Monday of this week, Andrew (trusty webmaster), advised me that I should write a blog explaining to my customers that some of them may be receiving their orders later than usual over the next several weeks due to the combination of the pandemic and usual “Christmas Rush Crush,” as all shipping services are getting bogged down around the globe. Even though I am almost daily getting at least one email from a customer inquiring about delayed receipt of their orders, I told Andrew I didn’t want to write a blog that may be a little negative regarding my customers receiving their orders late. But, after getting up this morning, turning on my computer and finding two more emails from buyers who had not received orders made more than a week ago, I finally had to admit to myself that Andrew was once again right.

From my location in central Texas, my packages first go to a huge USPS distribution center in Coppell, TX., which is located just outside of the Dallas / Fort Worth area. To give you an idea of just how large that distribution center is, that facility, under normal circumstances with no pandemic and Christmas rush to deal with, receives over one million packages a day. Wow!  Fed-Ex and UPS are also reporting long delays as I’m sure other carriers are, too. I have great respect for all of them and the employees who manage to sort the mail and help get the packages to their final destinations. I’d be a nervous wreck and in need of some very strong medications if I had a job like theirs!

To give you an idea of how highly I regard the USPS, because that is who I choose to work with, I have been averaging 82.4 USPS Priority Mail shipments a week over the last 12 months. Not one single package has been lost, stolen or damaged. Think about it, that is approximately 4,285 packages shipped over the last 12 months with ALL of those packages reaching their destination. And folks, that includes USPS shipments to customers in 14 different countries!

The police, firemen and all health care personnel are heroes, especially during these trying times. And I am going to include all postal employees in that group. So yes, there may be delays in receiving your orders but history dictates that my USPS postal employee friends are going above and beyond, despite terrific odds, to make sure that you receive what you have spent your hard earned dollars on to purchase. I hate to say it, but expect delays for a little while longer. And I am crossing my fingers that once the holiday season is over and the vaccine is coursing through the veins of millions of people, arrival times for shipments will get back to normal.

Thanks for your business and for your patience,