Ordering & Shipping

Ordering & Payment Options

  • PayPal is the preferred method of payment and you will be given that option at checkout. Visa, MasterCard, American Express, etc., payments are accepted only through your PayPal account.
  • Checks/Money Orders– Those who want to make purchases with a personal check or money order are welcome to do so, but need to email me at steve@pipestud.com with their order request. I will follow-up as soon as possible by sending those individuals an email invoice to pay from.
  • Texas residents will be required to pay an 8.25% Texas Sales Tax fee at checkout.
  • Unfortunately, I am not able to ship pipe tobacco to states where the purchasing of pipe tobacco by anyone without a wholesaler or retailer license to receive such purchases is prohibited by law. Currently, those states include Utah, South Dakota, and Washington State. I can ship pipes and accessories to those states.

Important Shopping Cart Information

  • The ordering preferences are set so that items in shopping carts will still be available for purchase by other people. The first one who pays is the one who gets the item. That way, no one is able to put a large number of items in their shopping cart to protect them from being purchased by someone else until they decide which items they want. Once a person has made their selections and goes to checkout, any items that were in their shopping cart that have already been paid for by someone else will not be available for purchase.

Shipping within the USA – USPS Priority Shipping is the ONLY method available for domestic shipments. The shipping fee is $8.00 for all orders shipped within the USA no matter how large or small your order may be. Multiple same day orders will be counted as one order & any extra shipping fees charged will be refunded. If your same day purchase is for $200.00 or more, your shipping will be free. All domestic orders are usually shipped within one business day of purchase. Insurance can be purchased by the customer upon request.

International Shipping Information – International customers will not be charged a shipping fee at checkout, but will receive a later PayPal invoice for their shipping fees which will vary depending on weight of the package and where the package will be shipped. Multiple same day orders will be counted as one order. Multiple orders on separate days held for combined shipping will be considered separate orders. International customers have two shipping options:

  1. USPS Priority International
  2. USPS First Class International * PLEASE NOTE: USPS will not ship First Class International if the contents weigh more than 4-pounds. If your package weighs over that amount, shipping will be by USPS Priority International.

Please let me know which you prefer by contacting me at steve@pipestud.com and also be sure to include your purchase invoice number. If no shipping option is requested then your package will be shipped USPS First Class International. All international orders of $199.00 or more receive a $15.00 shipping discount. Insurance can be purchased by the customer upon request.

When customs forms are required; to maintain a defensible position, contents are described as Merchandise – second hand collectible tins and the value is placed at the approximate original retail price when the tins were purchased new.  *Canadian Customs Requirement: Canadian Customs demands that any shipments that contain tobacco must be declared as such and that the actual price paid must be the declared value and a copy of the purchase order with payment information enclosed. 

  • Important PayPal Payment Information for International Shipping – I will only be able to ship to the mailing addresses that are on the PayPal payment receipts and they must be in the English language. Otherwise, those transactions will have to be cancelled as PayPal does not cover seller losses on packages shipped to locations other than the buyer’s shipping address on their payment receipt.
  • COVID-19 Shipment Delays: Due to the current Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, mail delivery has been slow to many locations due to both strict new guidelines for shippers to follow and the heavy volume of packages in the mail systems due to so many people ordering items to be delivered to their homes and businesses. 

Purchasing & Shipping Agreement –

  • While all tins that are shipped leave my shop sealed unless otherwise noted in the item description, I can never guarantee that all tins are not compromised. As most collector’s know, even an almost microscopic hole somewhere in the tin or a seal that is not solid can occur. Tins that are not brand new and have been tinned years or decades prior to purchase, can develop undetected issues. It is simply a possibility the buyer of full and sealed second hand pipe tobacco tins must take into consideration when purchasing. Thanks for your understanding.
  •  When purchasing second hand tins, you are agreeing not to hold Pipestud’s Consignment Shop responsible for items that are damaged, lost or stolen during shipping. For international customers, you are also agreeing that we are not responsible for any customs issues in your country. Insurance can be purchased at the customers expense for any orders made.
  • You are of legal age to purchase tobacco in your local jurisdiction and that any pipe tobacco tin or bag purchase you make from this website is in compliance with all of the tobacco purchasing laws in your state.