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Sex Sells & So Do Pipes & Tobaccos!

I’ve been a little busy these days but I guess most of you who are reading this blog have been a little busy, too. I don’t know any other way to operate if I want to take care of my family and my long-time habit of keeping myself well stocked up with pipes and tobaccos. Those are certainly a necessity for those of us who are fortunate to be lovers of this great hobby, right? Don’t you feel sorry for the rest of the world who never jumped in? I do.

Speaking of jumping in; have you noticed that I’ve begun the process of ramping up my pipe sales on this website? At pipe shows this past year I spoke with many people in the hobby to let them know that I was now on the hunt for great wood but only if I could list the pipes I received for prices that put them in the category of actually being sellable. I’ve actually had to turn down way more pipes than I accepted that way, but in the end it benefited me because I am not spending untold hours putting in the work on pipe listings only to watch them sit because they are over priced. And to that end, I want to thank all of you who have been making pipe purchases from my website. It has been gratifying!

I have now started accumulating pipes to sell from consignors who understand that it is my job to know the market, not theirs, and that every time I prepare a pipe to list for sale, when it comes time to set the price I simply ask myself “what is the price that I want on this pipe that is fair to my consignor, to my customer, and to me? That’s quite a trifecta to try to hit every time (I use that same criteria for every tin of pipe tobacco I sell, too). I freely admit that I don’t always succeed, but try to learn from my mistakes.

I do hope you are enjoying seeing the many different pipes from makers all over the world that I am now selling along with the rare, aged, and / or out of production pipe tobaccos. If you keep buying, I am darned sure going to keep selling at prices that I hope fit every sized pocket book. You folks sure have been good and loyal to me over the years and it is my hope that I remain good and loyal to you, too!

And to conclude this blog; yes, sex sells but I know way more about pipes and tobaccos, so I’m sticking to that subject!

Happy puffing,