The Annual New Year’s Day Sale is Almost Here!

I know that most of you probably sleep in a little late on New Year’s Day after having stayed up to welcome in the new year the night before, but don’t sleep too late or you will miss my HUGE Annual New Year’s Day Sale!

Pipestud’s Consignment Shop will be loaded up with many rare, vintage and no longer produced tobaccos that are among the most highly coveted blends in the world. Additionally, I will have many long-time favorites with lots of taste enhancing age on them that will be priced to fit both your pipe and your pocket book!

What time on January 1st will the New Year’s Day Sale begin? It will begin some time next Tuesday morning. Those who are in my First Responders email group will know exactly when the sale starts. So, if you are not a First Responder member, I strongly suggest that you join so that you will also be privy to that important inside information in order to get a first shot at some truly remarkable tobaccos! You can join simply by submitting your email address below.

Thanks for dropping in and reading. I hope to have you back on January 1st, if not before!