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The Friendliest Person I Never Got to Meet

As many of you who follow this website know, I have been selling Bob Clark Pipes including Bob’s special and fun Elijah Cole series pipes for several years. His prices were lower than most pipe makers of his skill level because Bob was one of those good old boys who simply loved making quality pipes that would be affordable for just about anyone. I am using the past tense “was,” because Bob died this past Thursday night (the evening of March 12th). Although he never spoke about it to me, his wife, Lisa, told me that Bob had an inoperable brain tumor that was discovered 10-years ago, and that was what finally ended his life.

Although I spoke on the phone with Bob many times over  the years, I never had the pleasure of meeting him in person. I’m down in Texas and he was up in Rhode Island (he was a lobster fisherman by trade as shown in this photo of Bob on his boat), and despite efforts to meet at one pipe show or another, it just never happened and I am truly sad about that. I always loved my phone conversations with Bob. He was always so friendly, open and honest, no matter what the subject. He always inquired about my family and I could tell that his interest was not superficial. He actually cared and listened when I spoke about my family and my life and offered support regarding my website and business, too.

I loved hearing Bob tell stories about his job as a lobster fisherman – much harder work than anything I’d want to do! During the off-season (I learned that lobster fishing has seasons), he loved working part time at a pipe shop near him and even opened his own website that featured pipe repairs and refurbishing for both individuals and other pipe shops. That endeavor did not last long, unfortunately, as he started it less than a year ago.

Not one time during all of our conversations over the years, did I ever hear Bob Clark say a negative word about anyone or anything. He seemed to have a positive attitude 24/7 about life, and I liked that about the man. He was also a man of deep faith and was never shy when it came to talking with me about his faith. Bob Clark was just one of those few people who enter one’s life that makes a lasting impression. I was blessed to know him.

My thoughts and prayers are with Bob’s wonderful family that he always spoke so highly of whenever we had one of our phone chats. And I guarantee you that on March 12, 2020, Heaven picked up a really good man.

Thanks for listening to me talk about my friend Bob today. It made me feel better.