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The Top-10 Pipe Tobacco Questions Sent To Pipestud

As many of you know, I keep a file of some of the greatest pipe and tobacco questions that I have ever received over my almost 20-years of online selling. Most of them are truly well thought out and a pleasure to respond to. On the other hand, I get in a few that are so outlandish that I can’t believe they were even asked. I am always happy to respond to questions even if I have no answer myself or can’t find one.  This pipe and tobacco hobby of ours is chock full of mysteries and while I am no Sherlock Holmes, I actually love to try to find answers to all the questions I receive, or, at least make up a good one. Hey, why let the facts get in the way of a good answer?

I recently went over my long list of pipe tobacco questions that have been emailed to me over the years and after much contemplation, have come up with the Top-10 list of greatest questions that I’ve ever received to share with you. I have listed the ten questions in no particular order and if you find yourself on this list, congratulations!

  1. Question– I hear people talking all the time about Hobbit Weed from the Lord of the Rings Movies. What exactly is Hobbit Weed?

Pipestud – It was grown and smoked by the hobbits of the Shire and enjoyed by both men and wizards alike. It had disappeared for centuries before G.L. Pease uncovered a large batch and began processing and blending it for the annual NASPC Shows in Columbus, Ohio.

  1. Question– I know this is probably a far out question, but I am sort of a history buff and have read that late 1700’s frontiersman Daniel Boone was a pipe smoker. If that is true, have you ever heard of his favorite kind of tobacco to smoke back in those days?

Pipestud – Oh sure. It is pretty common knowledge that Dan particularly enjoyed the old Elephant & Castle blend named Deerstalker.

  1. Question– I am 22-years old and just starting to smoke a pipe. I saw where you have reviewed thousands of tobaccos on the website, so, I figured you would be a good person to ask this question. My mom was not very happy when she found out that I was smoking a pipe and told me that doing so could actually cause Herpes. Have you ever heard that?

Pipestud – No. But it can give you tongue bite if you don’t practice safe puffing.

  1. Question– My girlfriend hates my pipe smoking because she says it gives me bad breath. Is this a problem for other pipe smokers? And if so, is there a solution to this problem?

Pipestud – Yes, it has been a problem for some pipe smokers and my advice has always been for them to dump their girlfriend and find another one who has Anosmia. Or, brush your teeth prior to kissing, whichever is easiest for you.

  1.    Question– I know this probably sounds crazy, but I try to make my pipe smoking as safe as possible for me. Is there a way to make pipe tobacco safer before smoking it?

Pipestud – Absolutely. I stick all of my full and sealed tins that I am going to smoke into an autoclave machine and run it for two minutes. That will eliminate any chance of you catching everything but the common cold.

  1.    Question– I want to try some of the tobaccos that are on your website but they are pretty expensive. Do you offer a money back guarantee if I don’t like something I buy from you and return it?

Pipestud – I’ll make you a deal. If your local grocery store accepts a return on the next can of beans you purchase and then return because you didn’t like the flavor, I’ll do the same with any tin of tobacco you try from my website. Deal? * Update on 6/22/19 – Crawfish time! – I recently learned that some grocery store chains actually will accept returns on certain items if the customer did not like the taste. So, I am officially and publicly withdrawing that offer. I don’t want to return  $300 of one of my consignor’s money because the customer didn’t like the taste of his Balkan Sobranie 759!

  1. Question– I’ve read on the Internet (especially on a couple of pipe forums that I’m a member of), that Latakia is actually smoked over piles of camel dung. Is that true?

Pipestud – I actually have gotten that question several times over the years and it’s a big bunch of poop. Latakia is actually smoked over piles of smoldering old car tires and that’s why it smells the way it does when you are smoking it.

  1. Question– This might be a dumb question, but are there any tobacco blends that have beef or chicken in it?

Pipestud – You are right, that is a dumb question. In fact, one of the dumbest questions that I’ve ever heard.

  1. Question– Just curious; if you couldn’t smoke pipe tobacco what would you smoke?

Pipestud – If you don’t mind, I don’t think I will answer your question because in some states my answer could get me arrested.

  1. Question – A few days ago I purchased one of those limited edition Lord of the Rings tobaccos made by Greg Pease from your website. I got it today and thanks for the fast shipping but I have a question. In the tobacco description on the back of the tin it says that this tobacco was found in an oak barrel that had washed ashore from the sea. I was wondering if you think that maybe sea salt seeped into the barrel and if so, would that maybe make the tobacco not good for consumption?

Pipestud – Yes, sea salt did infiltrate the tobacco, and on the contrary, it made it better and that’s why those tins are so collectible. Whenever I purchase one, after opening the tin I also add a little Tabasco Sauce to spice up the contents a little. Please try that with your next bowlful and let me know how that worked out for you.

Stay tuned for a future blog post when I run down the Top-10 best pipe questions that I’ve ever received. People sure are funny critters.

Happy Puffing,