We survived opening day!

Howdy Gang,
Opening day of the new Pipestud’s Consignment Shop this past weekend was a huge success thanks to all of you! Also, thanks to everyone who took the time to send me feedback and suggestions.  The launching of a new website, especially transitioning from a manually run store to an eCommerce one, can be difficult. But from what you all have been telling me, it’s been a success!
A couple of issues did crop up that my tech team has since fixed, for example –
  • Unable to access cart from mobile browser (woops, that’s kind of important isn’t it?)
  • Showing products as out-of-stock without having to click on them (already done, too)
Currently the focus is to make the mobile browsing experience easier and continue rolling out new product categories, like Drugstore Tins.  I have had a lot of emails inquiring about the return of the popular “Drugstore Tins”page. Rest assured that I will be posting Drugstore Tins that will be available for purchase very soon.  But at the moment I still have a large inventory of product from consignors that I am getting up on the site as I play catch up from the down time while the website was being rebuilt. Once I get caught up, the Drugstore Tins page as well as other really nice bells and whistles will be added – so stay tuned!
Please e-mail admin@pipestud.com if you run into any technical issues or have an idea of a way to improve the site. For all other inquires, I’m always here for you and can quickly be reached at My New Email address – steve@pipestud.com.
My previous aol.com e-mail address is no longer being monitored.  That’s it for now, Happy Holidays everyone!
Oh and by the way, this blog was already sent to my First Responders group.. but it also included some super secret awesome information about an upcoming event.  So if you aren’t already a member, you might want to sign up so you don’t miss out on any future events. ;-P