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Pipestud’s Consignment Shop is Taking a Short Break to Better Serve You!

I hope all of you can tell from my website and my blogs, that I absolutely love what I do. Working with like minded pipes and tobaccos enthusiasts has enriched my life well beyond what I deserve. It was less than two years ago that I expanded my operation through this new and improved website – all thanks to my customers, my consignors, and my webmaster Andrew, who painstakingly put the new site together for me – and now, I am going to expand my operation even further in ways that will benefit all of us. After much thought and consultation, I have decided to further increase the volume of pipes and vintage tobaccos that I sell, and even increase the variety!

I outgrew my home shop a long time ago and am lacking the space needed to expand. So, I recently acquired commercial space that will allow me to do the things necessary to make that growth happen. The only downside is that all of this is going to require me to ease back on the pedal a little until I settle in the new building where I am moving my operations.

My estimate of time necessary to complete the move is about a month. It could be a little more or it could be a little less. I will still be selling pipes weekly on eBay during the interim period as I am allowed to sell non-tobacco products on that site from home. But the move will require that I cease selling on my website for a few weeks and that will give me the time necessary to properly complete the move for an expanded operation. Once I’m set up in my new digs I will then return with a big reopening. I am very excited about the future of this website and hope you will be, too!

Finally, my First Responders members, in addition to continuing to receive my weekly newsletter, will be getting updates on the progress of my move and once I get the reopening date set, they will also know when that date is well ahead of anyone else. So right now might be a good time to join if you are not already a member. All you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of this blog page to learn how to become a First Responder.

Be safe and be well, and most of all, thank you for your support!