Purchasing Information

Thank you for your interest in my website and looking at the Purchasing Information. My business is Internet based and all purchases from my business are made through this website. I do not take private off-site requests as I get those often and with literally thousands of customers I serve each year with my on-site sales, trying to take private requests would be impossible to handle and I thank you for your understanding.  Also, I do not have a brick and mortar shop for walk in traffic.

If you have any questions after looking over the Purchasing Information, please just ask by emailing me at [email protected]

Pipestud’s Consignment Shop Payment Options 

  • Pipestud’s Consignment Shop accepts all major credit cards as a form of payment for your purchases. We are not able to accept PayPal payments. 

By purchasing from Pipestud’s Consignment Shop you are agreeing to the following terms:

  • You will not hold Pipestud’s Consignment Shop responsible for items that are damaged, lost or stolen during shipping. I can purchase insurance at the customer’s request and expense. 
  • You are purchasing second-hand collectible tins.
  • You must be 21 years of age or older to make any purchases from this site –

    How does Pipestud.com verify that I am of legal age to purchase tobacco products? During checkout you will need to check the box that says you are of legal age to purchase tobacco. By doing so, you are confirming that you are of legal age to purchase tobacco products or smoking accessories. We will deny any order we believe has been placed by a minor. In the event that legal age cannot be verified based upon public records, we will contact you to request a copy of a government-issued photo ID to ensure that you are 21 years of age or older before we process your order. If you have questions or concerns about our age verification process, feel free to contact us.

  • WARNING: Pipestud.com does not sell tobacco or related tobacco products to anyone under the age of 21, nor do we sell cigarettes.

Shopping Cart Information

Pipestud’s Consignment Shop maintains an “Open Shopping Cart System.” This prevents hoarding that otherwise would allow individuals to place a large number of tins in their shopping carts to protect them from being purchased by someone else until they decide which tins to purchase and which tins to release. So, any tins placed in shopping carts are still available for purchase by anyone and the first person to pay for a particular tin gets the item. So, if you have a tin in your shopping cart that is no longer available at checkout, that simply means someone else has already paid for that particular item.


Due to the uniqueness of this website, once new listings are released, there will be literally more than a thousand customers around the world who will be competing for items at the same time. Backorders occur when two people purchase an item and pay within less than 2-seconds of one another causing the system to charge both buyers. Some weeks it does not happen at all and other weeks I get several backorders. Unfortunately, Backorders will continue. And to be fair to everyone, the person whose order pops up first in the system is the one who gets the tobacco. A refund is then sent to the individual who did not get the item and that person’s refund email will have the backorder explanation.

Login / Logout

Because this website uses a respected and safe Merchant Service, we are able to receive direct credit card payments, so, you do need to be registered and logged in to complete your orders. There is a direct “Login” menu item on the top of every page of the site. If you are not logged in, it will say “Login.” If you are registered and logged in, the menu item will simply say “Log out.” That will allow you to log out if you so choose, or, stay logged in for faster checkout. Once you leave the site, if you are logged in, you will remain logged in and not have to reregister when you come back to make your next purchase. If you have not made a purchase over a three month period, then the system will ask you to reregister before making a purchase.


Multiple Same Day Orders

If you make multiple purchases, the system still charges you shipping for each order. Once I begin the packing process and purchasing your shipping label,  you will then receive refunds for each shipping overpayment. Refunds usually take 24 to 48 hours to process. If your single purchase or multiple same day purchases are valued at more than $200, then you will receive free shipping to any USA location. If your location is outside of the USA you will be charged only the actual cost of shipping and no handling fee is ever charged.

Domestic Shipping

USPS Priority Shipping is the ONLY method available for domestic shipments. The shipping fee is $8.00 for all orders shipped within the USA no matter how large or small your order may be. Multiple same day orders within two hours of your original order will be counted as one order & any extra shipping fees charged will be refunded. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for the refund to be processed. I pack orders and purchase the shipping labels for quick shipping, so if you decide to make another purchase and I have already packed your box and purchased your shipping label, you will be charged an additional shipping fee and your second order will be shipped in a separate box. If your purchases are for $200.00 or more, your shipping will be free. All domestic orders are usually shipped within one business day after purchase. By making a purchase, you are agreeing that Pipestud’s Consignment Shop is not responsible for stolen, damaged or lost packages. I can purchase insurance at the customer’s request and expense. 

Due to tax regulations, Pipestud’s Consignment Shop cannot ship tobacco to Washington, South Dakota, Utah, Hawaii and Maine. We can ship smoking pipes and related accessories into those states.

International Shipping

International Customers are not charged a shipping fee at checkout. Once I pack and weigh your order, I will then send you a separate invoice for your shipping fee. The invoice will also include the Declared Value of your package. By USA shipping laws, this is mandatory for all international shipments. In order to comply with standard International shipping laws, I must always provide the declared value and your country’s Customs Agents will also have access to that information. Additionally, for some countries I must provide the HS Code when purchasing the shipping labels. HS Codes are used by government officials to identify goods being imported and exported to or from their country in order to collect the proper taxes.

USPS Priority International, USPS Priority Express International and USPS First Class International shipping are available options for shipment to most countries. Shipping to Asia: Pipestud.com ships ONLY by either USPS Priority or USPS Priority Express International to all countries in Asia. USPS First Class International does not track packages once they leave the USA which does not allow me to confirm delivery.   All shipments will be through USPS Priority Mail unless you email me and let me know that you prefer USPS Priority Express Mail shipping.

 For most  countries other than the USA  and Asia, orders will be shipped First Class if you do not let me know that you want Priority International soon after making your order. *PLEASE NOTE: USPS will not ship First Class International if the contents weigh more than 4-pounds. If your package weighs over that amount, shipping will be by USPS Priority International. For international customers, when you make a purchase, you are also agreeing that Pipestud’s Consignment Shop is not responsible for stolen, damaged or lost packages or any customs issues in your country. I can purchase insurance at the customer’s request and expense. The customs declaration is for “second hand collectible tins” and there is never a mention of tobacco. Also, the contents declared value is only the retail value of your purchase. As an example, if you purchase a tin for $50 that originally sold at retail for $12. Then the declared value is $12 for that particular tin. I am a one man operation and ship many packages each week. So, I do not split International orders into separate packages unless the order is so large that doing so is necessary. International customers will be sent an invoice for their shipping fee, and once the fee is paid their orders will ship quickly.

Purchases Are Not Held For Later Shipping

Due to the large volume of purchases each week from customers all over the world, pipestud.com is not able to hold your purchases for combined shipments with future orders. 

Shipping to Canada: Please note that due to Canadian law, when shipping tobacco products to Canada, I must place a copy of your purchase order and payment receipt in the box with your order which includes the exact price of your purchases and that they are tins/bags of pipe tobacco.

USA based Freight Forwarding Companies: There are several USA based International shipping options that specialize in shipping internationally.  And many of my International customers have USA based Freight Forwarding Company addresses where I ship the packages that are then forwarded to my international buyers. I strongly recommend such Global shipping companies as they are safe and again, specialize in shipping from the USA to many other countries including all of Asia. Here is an example of these freight forwarding services in the USA: https://tinyurl.com/2p8r8wa5

Again, pipestud.com uses only USPS to ship packages for a variety of reasons. Please do not ask me to ship by another method as doing so would slow the process considerably for a small business like mine. So, shipping by any other method is not an option. And again, please do not ask me to hold orders for future shipping as that is not possible. Again, thank you for your understanding.

Refund Policy

  • Unless otherwise noted in the item description, all collectible tins are factory-sealed.  While every item is thoroughly inspected before being offered for sale, Pipestud’s Consignment Shop cannot guarantee the integrity of the contents of tins that can be 10, 20 or even 50 years old. Rust can start from the inside of the tin, or seals may be lost through shipment. Breaches in the tins can occur. It is simply a possibility the buyer must take into consideration when purchasing tins that may be many years or many decades old. Should this occur, I will certainly consider refunds on a case by case basis. 
  • If you make a purchase of a pipe and return it unsmoked, you will receive a full refund. Likewise, if you return a tobacco tin in the same sealed condition that you received it in, you will receive a full refund. Refunds will be sent within 48-hours of having received your return. You have 30 days from the date of receipt to contact us for a refund.

Privacy Policy

Pipestud’s Consignment Shop will collect and maintain personal information provided by its users, including their names, addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses. We do not and will not share personal information for any purpose other than conducting business with our customers.  We offer payment through Authorize.net for credit card processing.  Pipestud’s Consignment Shop is PCI compliant and does not maintain or have access to customers credit card information.  For information on  Authorize.net’s Privacy Policies, please see their website.