Bruce Weaver & My Magic Pipe

I have a magic pipe and I am sure many of you do, too. You know what I am talking about; a pipe in your collection that no matter how much or how little you smoke it, the pipe performs beautifully.

My magic pipe is this amazing early production Bruce Weaver sandblasted Lovat that I purchased from Bruce at the 2008 Kansas City Pipe Show. It broke in easily and quickly. This pipe is so amazing that it has been my first pipe of the day smoker every day of the week since 2008. Folks, that’s 365 days a year for the last 11-years! Well, except for about a two week period when I showed the pipe to Bruce a few years after the purchase when he told me that he makes thinner and more comfortable stems than back when he made mine. He told me to give it to him and he would make an even better stem for it – at no cost. I cried a little when I handed the pipe to him but two weeks later when the pipe came back with the new stem, I was overjoyed as it was indeed more comfortable.

This is a photo of the other Bruce Weaver pipes that I have added to my collection over the years. All of them are terrific smokers in their own right, but none have hit the magic pipe category. I am of the opinion that true magic pipes may show up in one’s collection once or twice in a pipe smoker’s lifetime. I’m still hunting for my second magic pipe and maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to find one.




Bruce Weaver was called home to Heaven a week ago (dec. July 27, 2019). He had died peacefully in his sleep at the age of 67. Bruce retired a few years ago from pipe making after a near death experience when an aortic aneurysm was discovered to be leaking near his heart. He wanted to spend more time with the three children that he raised by himself. The world lost a great pipe maker when he retired. As many of you know, Bruce Weaver pipes were considered to be among the best in the world. Whether smooth or sandblasted and no matter what the shape, Bruce made his pipes perfectly with only the finest wood available and the drilling was always perfect, too.

Bruce’s favorite tobacco was the old Murray’s era Three Year Matured, and I can’t count the number of tins of that blend that he purchased from my website over the years, but it was a bunch. I sent him some complimentary tins of that blend once a couple of years back, but he’d have none of it and paid me for them despite my protestations. He was sneaky; he just deposited the funds into my PayPal account and told me that I better not return the money.

Bruce Weaver’s story is a fascinating one. He was a world class swimmer in his younger days, he was a world class father, he was a world class pipe maker, but most importantly, he was a world class human being. I will miss our phone conversations greatly, but am placated by the fact that Bruce is now in Heaven with the parents he greatly loved and respected, as well as his Lord. Bruce’s story regarding how he lived and many of his accomplishments can be found in his obituary here –

I am now headed off to sit and reflect on my wonderful and way too short friendship with Bruce Weaver by smoking my magic pipe filled with a bowl of Murray’s era Three Year Matured.

Happy puffing,