Pipestud.com Important Ordering Information

It sure is a wonderful feeling for me to be able to sell again now that I am able to accept credit card payments directly. I am hoping that you are enjoying the experience too.

Although now being able to accept all major credit cards is pleasing to me, there are still some bugs to iron out. If you are experiencing any problems, please contact Andrew (my webmaster), directly at admin@pipestud.com. We’ll get any bugs worked out, and it sure helps when you let us know if there is a problem. Otherwise, the issue might continue and we sure don’t want that.

A Heads Up On A Couple of Things To Be Aware Of

You Must Have A Website Account to Purchase – Temporarily: To ensure that your orders are received and fulfilled, there currently is no Guest Checkout option for an undetermined amount of time. Without going into great detail, in order to make purchases from pipestud.com, you must have an account on this website. Very few people checkout as guests, but for those who have been using that feature, you must now have an account. In the menu section just click the My Account option. It will soon be renamed Sign in/Register. Just follow the easy prompts to register. Additionally, whether you have an account or not, your billing information must match the credit card you use to make purchases. Our credit card merchant service has notified us that some people using credit cards do not have billing addresses that match their cards. If this happens to you, then purchases will not be accepted by your credit card provider.

Backorders: As I mentioned in my blog last weekend, with the new system in place, and due to the uniqueness of this website, I did not know whether this new process would eliminate backorders that occur when two people make purchases and pay at the same time. Unfortunately, I found that the backorder situation will continue. Whether PayPal or credit cards, the system will still put in backorder any item where two people pay within less than 2-seconds of one another. Some weeks it does not happen at all and other weeks I get several. It will continue and to be fair, the one whose order pops up first in the system is the one who gets the tobacco.

Refunds: Because credit card payments are routed differently than when going directly into my PayPal account, there will be a delay in receiving multiple order shipping fee refunds of between approximately 24 to 48 hours, depending upon how quickly your credit card company processes the refunds back into your accounts.

And once again, If you do have issues that I have not addressed or anticipated, my webmaster urges you to email him directly at admin@pipestud.com for assistance. We want your experience with direct credit card payments to be as seamless as possible.

As always, thank you for your support and business!